The fashion industry has always been evolving and changing

Women around the world have started wearing color in their clothes – not just pastels and light colors, but also bolder hues that are trending in many countries including China, India, Brazil and Mexico.

This is reflective of how diverse the fashion industry is now.

Fashion in New York is internationally recognized for being the birthplace of modern fashion.

A considerable number of the world’s leading designers, models and fashion houses have their origins in New York. This significantly contributes to Paris, Milan and London having a minor influence in the industry.

Fashion is a very interesting industry to cover. In the world of fashion, it is not just about popularity, but also about niche markets. Many people make a living off of covering fashion and serve as a source for designers and consumers alike.

The New York Fashion Week is one of the most influential events in the world when it comes to fashion trends. Every season there are new pieces on the runway that help shape what we wear in our everyday lives. There have been many designs that have gone viral such as floral print shirts and women’s pantsuits. Fashion week has grown so large that there are now many different events held during or after it where designers can show their collections for free.

New York City has been an important location for fashion since its inception in 1783.