New York is an American city, named after the Duke of York and situated in Manhattan

It is the second-most populous city in the United States and one of the world’s most important fashion capitals.

The fashion industry in New York City has propelled the economic growth of New York from other tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and London’s Harrods.

New York is among one of the few cities that can boast about its international appeal for fashion. Women from all over America, Europe and Asia contribute to make it a worldwide cosmopolitan fashion center.

Women are the most attractive creatures in the world and New York is known for being a fashion capital. In „Fashion in New York”, author Sarah E. Smith explores this topic through the eyes of various women living in the city, from modeling to working in fashion and writing about it.

The chapter on modeling discusses how celebrities became not just symbols of beauty but also symbols of capitalism; how France saw fit to ban models altogether; and how female style icons like Marilyn Monroe have been replaced by fashion models like Gisele Bundchen.

This book offers an account of what it means to live life among the clothes – not only a story of women’s clothes but also those made by designers and sold around the world.

In the first half of the 1700s, overseas fashions began to filter into New York. By 1820, when it became a state, New York had established a reputation as the center of America’s high fashion.

New York’s legacy as an international fashion capital has been cemented in recent decades with the emergence of some of fashion’s most innovative designers and brands. Some popular labels that have been founded in New York include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton.

As fashion-forward as Manhattan may be, it still has a few surprises for visitors: some charmingly low-key neighborhoods where you can find affordable vintage clothes including Chinatown and SoHo.