More than a thousand years ago

By the 18th century, New York had become a place where European immigrants could come and trade. One by one the industries grew and became more prominent in this area. By the early 20th century, fashion had moved into its golden age in New York and became an important part of American culture.

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In the nineteenth century, women’s fashion in New York City was defined by British ideas of morality and decorum.

In the early 20th century, women’s fashion in New York City became more inclusive and less moralistic. A post-WWI drop in textile production meant that the average woman had to shop in department stores for affordable fashions.

The 1920s also marked a shift from European simplicity back to a more Americanized style that emphasized an informal and bohemian lifestyle.

New York is a city with a very diverse culture and fashion scene with many, often over-the-top, trends to keep up with. From the New York Fashion Week to the street style of women in New York City, there are always new styles and trends in fashion that have been born here.

Fashion shopping has been a popular activity for visitors who are looking for something distinctive. The unique style and creativity of the fashion brands keep people coming back from all over the world.